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Chikubu-Kai periodically holds clinics/seminars at various locations within our organiztion. These are open to students of all ages and ranks, and feature direct instruction by Soke W.H. Price, as well as top Shihans and Sensei.

Chikubu-Kai is pleased to offer clinic videos available for sale, with preferential pricing available for current members. Videos may be ordered online or in-person at Chikubu Kai events.

In the case of online orders, Chikubu-Kai does not collect or store personal credit card information.

All prices include shipping.

Chikubu-Kai ships only in the United States and Canada at this time. If you live outside this area and wish to purchase a video, please contact Chikubu-Kai directly using the contact link at left.

All videos in US/NTSC format only

To inquire about ordering a video online, please contact


By purchasing any video produced by
Chikubu-Kai, you agree to be held accountable for the following:

These videos are for personal, non-commercial use only. Chikubu-Kai retains all legal rights to the footage contained within these videos. They may not be
copied, uploaded, distributed, resold, or reproduced in any manner.

DISCLAIMER: This video presentation is for demonstration purposes only. THE PRACTICE
OF MARTIAL ARTS IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. The practice of martial arts may lead to injury,
including serious injury and death. Any practice of the techniques or knowlege portrayed
on these videos is at the practioner's own risk. You should consult your physician before
beginning any physical activity, including martial arts. Neither Soke W.H. Price, Chikubu-Kai, nor
any of it's instructors, students, nor the publisher has any responsibility for
injuries that you or anyone else might incur as a result of the practice, correctly or
otherwise, of any material viewed on these videos.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in Chikubu-Kai Karate-Do events and activities, I, the undersigned;

1. Agree that the student will, or in the case of a minor, the parents will instruct the minor to inspect the facilities and equipment used prior to participation and if the participant believes anything is unsafe, he/she should immediately advise his/her instructor of such condition and refuse to participate.
2. Acknowledge and fully understand that each participant will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury including permanent disability or death, severe social and economic losses which might result not only from their actions, inactions or negligence, but the actions, inactions, or negligence of others, rules of play, or conditions of the premises or of the equipment used. Further, that there may be risk not known to us or reasonably foreseen at this time.
3. Assume all the forgoing risk and accept personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability or death.
4. Release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Chikubu-Kai Karate-Do Organization, or any martial arts instructor, agent administrator, director, visiting or guest instructor, sponsor or any other participant, advertisers, and if applicable owners, and leasers of the premises used to conduct all the events, all of which referred hereafter to as “releases” from any or all injury including death or damage to property caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the release’s or otherwise.



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