History of Chikubu Kai

Bamboo Warrior Organization

As is with most organizations in Japan (and even in the United States), when the head of the family (Soke) passes away there is usually a breakup of the organization. Seishin Kai Martial Arts (SKMA) and Seishin Kai Karate Union (SKKU) were no exception.

As a result of Kuniba, Soke's passing away on July 14, 1992 the organizations which he headed broke with most following William H. Price as Shogo Kuniba, Soke had directed in a declaration enacted on March 16, 1992. It stated among other things the following:

"William H. Price is named by me as Second Soke of both Kuniba-Ha Shitoh-Ryu and Kuniba-Ryu Goshindo."

"Upon my death, William H. Price is named Soke of Kuniba-Ha Shitoh-Ryu and Kuniba-Ryu Goshindo. He shall assume all duties and responsibilities currently undertaken by me. Goichi Kobayashi shall serve as head advisor and Shoji Kiyama as advisor."

In addition to this notarized document, Kuniba, Soke made a public declaration of the above statements on May 30th, 1992 at the Waynesboro Correction Academy in Waynesboro, Virginia, in the presence of approximately 15 Yudansha Watch Video.

Chikubu Kai was formed on September 8th, 1995. Goichi Kobayashi, Shihan, and Bill Price, Soke, came up with the concept in July of the same year. Kobayashi, Shihan is credited with the creation of the Chikubu Kai logo. The outline of the emblem represents the green bamboo with its leaves. Shogo Kuniba, Soke often noted the characteristics of bamboo and its relationship to his system of martial arts. It is for this reason that both Price, Soke and Kobayashi, Shihan thought it fitting to name this organization Chikubu Kai, which translated means Bamboo Warrior Organization.


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